5 Steps To The Perfect Call


5 Steps To The Perfect Call

Effective Front Desk Sales Calls | taught by Carene Kiss
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Carene Kiss
Carene Kiss
Senior Instructor

About the Instructor

With more than 20 years in the Plastic and Cosmetic world, both surgical and non-surgical Carene has gained a deep understanding of delivering excellence in customer service, expert consulting and has a strong grasp on the industry that is aesthetics.

In that time Carene has recruited hundreds of Doctors, Nurses, Dermal Therapists and administration staff. Her tailored practice optimisation and implementation programs have demonstrated proven outcomes in turn leading her clients to maximising practice cultures, creating happier staff and doctors and producing highly efficient practice operations leading to increased revenues.

Easy Steps to Effective Front Desk Sales Calls, Every Time

You are STEPS away from having a highly skilled TEAM of front desk staff who reliably turn phone enquiries into paying clients, and your marketing dollars into revenue, with the first telephone contact!

Are you a manager?

Do you:

  • FEEL FRUSTRATED that your marketing dollars are being wasted because clients are not coming in the door?
  • Wish your clients were so bowled over by your customer service that they UPSOLD THEMSELVES and became your best word-of-mouth marketers?
  • Wish you could INCREASE SALES with the first telephone contact?
  • Wish that all enquiries to the front desk LED TO A BOOKING or further engagement?
  • Want a team of front desk staff who all have the same HIGH LEVEL CUSTOMER SERVICE and sales skills?

Are you staff?
Do you:

  • Want to STOP FEELING INADEQUATE in your telephone sales/upselling skills?
  • FIND IT DIFFICULT to pick up on triggers in a conversation that hint a sale is near?
  • Wish you could COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY with any personality style?
  • Want the kind of customer service and telephone sales skills that MAKE YOU A SUPERSTAR in your company, maybe even leading to a promotion?

If you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, this course is for you!

Research from call centre solutions company, NewVoiceMedia, states that companies lose $41 billion a year due to poor phone etiquette and telephone skills.
44% of clients leave companies they have previously patronised due to inadequate service.

More specifically:

  • 53% of clients leave companies due to feeling unappreciated;
  • 42% of clients are turned off by unhelpful/rude phone staff;
  • 29% switch to competitors, frustrated with phone staff who lack the knowledge needed to answer an enquiry;
  • 25% of clients move on simply for being left on hold.

Most clients are calling you because they want to buy.

But clients who don’t feel served, from the moment they make contact with a person on the phone, don’t stick around.

And they don’t buy.

Beyond the financial losses that result from unskilled or unprofessional phone staff, there are missed revenue opportunities when phone staff are unable to:

1. Invite clients to come in;
2. Sell them on services right over the phone;
3. Upsell them before they set foot in your establishment.

Untrained front desk/phone staff costs you.

Big time.

Managers, can you imagine…

Having front desk staff who are CONFIDENT and SKILLED at bringing in clients?
Being able to count on your front desk staff to, not only BRING IN NEW CLIENTS, but to sell them AND upsell them before they enter your door?
Every member of your front desk staff having the same SALES and UPSELLING SKILLS?

Staff members, can you imagine…

Knowing how to PICK UP ON TRIGGERS that predict an upcoming sale in a phone conversation?
Knowing HOW TO LISTEN FOR CUES about a potential client’s personality style and knowing how to sell to any style?

Let us show you how to stay competitive, wow your clients with 5-Star customer service, and have them buying services at your clinic, TIME AFTER TIME!

This invaluable sales-generating training for just $295!
Free access to all course materials for 30 days!

This course will make you/your staff experts in turning phone enquiries into consultations and even sales!


  • What it means to “convert a lead” into a consultation or a sale
  • How to increase your confidence as front desk staff
  • How to wow the caller
  • How to convert client leads into bookings and future sales almost instantly
  • How to quickly identify the personality style of callers and effectively communicate with any style
  • How to convert an enquiry call into a consultation in 5 easy steps
  • How to build a team of staff who all have the same high level of customer service and sales skills
  • How to increase your revenue with phone sales and upselling

What Learners Are Saying

“The training was relatable and appropriate for our business. The training has given me much more confidence, and I now have a completely different outlook on the customer service I provide patients. I would definitely recommend Carene to anyone and any business.Thank you, Carene!”

“As a Practice Manager working with a leading ENT and facial plastic surgeon, I need my new staff to be equipped with the right professional customer service skills.
Carene Kiss, from Star Specialist Training and Recruitment, is the perfect choice. She trains staff on the five steps of communication and personalizing each encounter with clients – over the phone and face-to-face – and even with other staff members.
I see my staff is more confident when using these skills, and they have gotten great customer feedback, as patients feel very relaxed and confident when they come in.
I highly recommend training with Carene Kiss to anyone looking to provide professional service within their clinic.”
- Jacqueline Wigan, Practice Manager, Dr. George Marcell’s Practice

“Carene conducted the 5 Steps to the Perfect Call training with me and my colleague Linda, which was specifically directed at answering phone calls and liaising with patient enquiries. This training was especially helpful for Linda, who has started with our business without any medical experience or formal training.
Although I’ve had over four years of experience within the medical industry, I found the training informative, and I learnt some useful tools to improve my skills. Carene guided us with visual aids, provided a slideshow, and gave us a workbook so that we could be hands on throughout the training. Carene was very clear and explained particular processes in a way that was very easy to understand.”

Course Contents

4 Videos
1.0 hr